#Introducing Boy’s Brigade#

    The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is an interdenominational Christian youth organization , conceived by Sir William Alexander Smith to combine drill and fun activities with Christian values. Also, it’s the first CCA activity in FIS!

    Our officers are a group of people who are kind and active. They are all very young and some of them are even students from local polytechnics or junior colleges.

     The drill of BB is an important part. The requirements are very strict, we must wear proper uniform and follow the commands that officers give.Also,we will be trained in a very strict way! Since the commands are Malay, we will also learn a little bit about Malay and it’s quite interesting! 

   The officers are strict but patience, they will also do drills together with us and teach us until we can do it.

     Although officers are strict when we do drills, however, they become very friendly and funny at other times, this makes us feel close to them and our relationship is quite good!

   BB isn’t an organization that only teach us drills. We will also do activities, learn life skills or play games every week! Sometimes officers will also bring us out of school to play! Also, they invite some coaches to teach us kayaking and it’s extremely exciting!

   For each activity you do, you will get a badge and if you behave well, you will also be promoted. Don’t forget there will be a promotion test it’s about drills!

   BB is quite meaningful as you can meet a lot of friends. In this way you can learn a lot about Singapore culture. In another way, the weekly sharing from our pastor will make us think about ourselves, our lives. This is also a chance to study. All in all, BB is worth to join and you will develop yourself while having fun!👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

One day trip to SG Zoo

  Last Friday all O level students and teachers went to visit Singapore Zoo. Although it was rainy that day, we feel very comfortable as it wasn’t hot.

   We saw many animals such as monkeys and elephants. Actually it was my first time to be there so I felt very interesting.

   It’s a pity that we didn’t see snake and hope that we can see next time!

Interesting FIS


The first one is a photo that I took during last year’s graduation ceremony,all the teachers showed us their dancing skills.

The second photo shows our maths teacher and he is sitting on the desk and playing his phone.He is a little bit cold but he is very cute.

I like those teachers as they are kind ,patient and interesting.Although they are our teachers,they are very close to us.